Flaxseed Pillows by Fran

Feel the relief from heat and cold therapy

Why do we use flaxseed as filler for our rejuvenating heat and cold therapy products?


Flaxseeds are 40% oil, which hold heat 5 times longer than other fillers, like rice, which is water based. You can reheat flaxseed pillows over and over, whereas a water based seed filler will eventually dry out and no longer hold any heat.

Flaxseeds don’t freeze like water based seeds so they remain flexible and hold the cold for a very long time.

Because of their oblong shape, these smooth hull seeds slide over one another better than irregularly shaped buckwheat hulls.

They also conform to your body better than round seeds, like millet. Flax seeds are about the size of a sesame seed, so they comfort every nook & cranny of your body.

To carefully preserve these properties of flaxseeds, there are just two things to remember about your flaxseed pillow: don’t overheat it and don’t let it get wet.

That’s the inside. The outside of our pillows are made with 100% cotton fabric or fleece, covering natural cotton batting.

Benefits of Heat Therapy

relieves chronic pain

improves circulation

decreases muscle spasms

decreases stiffness

relieves tension

Benefits of Cold Therapy

relieves acute pain

decreases inflammation

decreases swelling

relieves joint pain

relieves nerve pain

What Customers Are Saying

“I have one of your flaxseed pillows and I like it very much. Since I get cold easily it warms me up quickly. In a Christmas card I received from my dearest, longtime friend and college roommate, I read her note about always feeling cold, even in her new house. I decided to order one of her pillows to help keep her warm as she sits or even as she moves around her house. I appreciate you sending out her pillow, it will be a wonderful surprise to her.”

Cynthia M.

” I just had a knee replaced and this pillow is perfect right out of the freezer and onto my knee. The soft outside can go directly on your skin and the cold penetrates directly to my knee, it’s perfect. Thanks Fran.”


“My flax seed pillow from Flax Seed Pillows by Fran came in today and I am in love😍. A perfect way to end my busy day with a warm pillow to feel nice and cozy on a cold winter’s night. Thank you Fran for making this and my face mask too! It’s always nice to be able to reconnect with previous coworkers after some time🤗.” #coworkers #flaxseedpillows #warmonacoldwintersnight

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